One Year Hiatus - Store closed until Summer 2024

Thank you for your support. I wanted to inform you that I will be taking a one-year hiatus for travel, and the print shop will temporarily close. I hope to return next year, rejuvenated and inspired, with even more creativity to share. 

XOXO, Victo


'Infinite Spring,' a meticulously crafted poster created by a blend of Silkscreen, 3-D embossment, and Giclée techniques, showcasing the interdimensional travelers who herald the eternal spring and abundance.

 'Casserole,' a woodcut edition of one of my most beloved and sold-out Giclée prints. Indulge in the beauty of these 14-plate hand-crafted woodcut prints, a testament to the exceptional artistry of the Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints of Japan.

Each print is a labor of love, requiring 25 rounds of printing to achieve the subtle color shifts and nuanced gradations that grace every piece.